Friday, March 13, 2009


Screen Capture by Bob McCarger courtesy of KJRH TV Hawk Cam

We think the second egg was laid yesterday evening, Wednesday. We saw tantalizing glimpses of what appeared to be second egg during the night, but we were obviously able to confirm it this morning. By the way, those round, brown, thingies are sycamore pods, from what it is apparently their favorite kind of tree, the site of some romantic trysts.

Screen Capture by Bob McGarger Courtesy of KJRH TV Hawk Cam

Egg One in foreground, with Egg Two in the background, I think, and the brown sycamore fruit, mentioned by Bob, in the far back.

Jackie Dover of the Tulsa Forum, had mentioned that it was cold in Tulsa and Kay was putting her head under her wing. Hence the search for temperature, wind direction, wind chill, and wind gust information.

Weather information courtesy of the National Weather Service

Temperatures as of Midnight 3/13/09


Temperature and wind direction

Wind Gusts
By the way, does anyone know where Jay is perched so he has a sightline on Kay and the eggs, just in case?

Donegal Browne
P.S. Keep scrolling down for the first post on the second egg.

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