Monday, June 11, 2007

Winkie's Early Report on The Cathedral Nest

Palemale Irregular Winkie sends in today's early report. The 5:30 to 8:30PM Late Report by another Irregular, RED-TAILS VS THE KESTRELS AND THE CROWS AND ? is being worked on and will be posted soon.

Here is Winkie's Early Report on The Divines.

Hi there, it's Winkie

Yesterday afternoon, Saturday, I ran into Stella Hamilton and her friend Clare Dane. This was about 4 p.m. Still all three on nest.

(Stella and Clare are Red the Squirrels Guardian Angels.)

Tailbiter and Cohort are still like bookends on either side of the saint. Is Tailbiter the one which is always on the right? This one is going to be a big bird! A lot of the times lately, when I have stopped by, the Third is taking over Tailbiter's spot -- or rather trying to share and is next to the column on the right.

(Tailbiter is the oldest so she pretty much gets to do what she wants and yes, when not on Andrew's head or as of today, Andrew's hand, she often picks the plum right nest edge position. D. B.)

Today, Sunday, 12 noon. Still all three. Cohort is feeding on the left. And the third is in the back of the nest. Clouds of down are still coming out. Tailbiter seems to want to get all of this nonsense off her (based on size, but who knows yet) own tail.

Hope all is well with you. I've had much to do with family and others have been sending you good pics and notes. I'll check again this evening and send word if there is anything different. Otherwise, it'll be late tomorrow before I can check again.


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