Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12th with THE DIVINES-Fledge Confirmation!

Tail feathers to the rain, as Winkie reports.

Saturday Flashback. Eyass One, Tailbiter on the hand and Eyass Two, Cohort next to Andrew's head. Cohort is steadfastly refusing to look up where Tailbiter is looking no matter how many gyrations Tailbiter makes with her head. Cohort knows the you're-just-trying- to-get-me-to-look trick when she sees it.

AND...Fledge confirmation from Robert Schmunk of the Bloomingdale Village Blog who reported on the possible fledge yesterday at the Cathedral Nest of Tristin and Isolde.

From Rob----

There was some doubt expressed about the Cathedral fledging on Monday, but Jim O (http://yojimbot.blogspot.com/) and I can confirm that as of Tuesday evening, one of the kids was running around on the chapel roofs.

We first found her on the top of Boniface chapel at 5:45, but a bit later she flew over to Ansgar chapel, explored the roof-edge railings and even tried to fly up to a finial. She took a brief look at the top of the Baptistery before returning to Ansgar. Then the cloudburst hit and we lost track of her. Papa Tristan perched on an Ansgar finial for most of the adventure.
The other two kids were still in the nest when we left just after 7:00.
rbs-- Robert B. Schmunk

Next up, the June 12 Report or Winkentary from Pale Male Irregular, Winkie, with added sightings and color commentary-

Hi Donna,


I arrived around 7 p.m. and it was beginning to rain; at first, softly then buckets. Rob (Robert Schmunk of http://bloomingdalevillage.blogspot.com/ ) and several others were on the North side of the church. Tristan was on the finial of one of the turrets.

At least Rob said it was Tristan. In the rain I was never sure which of the adults was perched there for most of my hour's visit. Sorry, I don't know the chapel names. It's the one with the beautiful fenestrated railing. I'll come back to this railing later.

There are still the two younger eyasses in the nest. The rain was still bad and the youngins turned tail feathers to the viewers. The whole time I was there these eyasses were not very active. The Third is definitely more hesitant than the first two. And the weather had Cohort down.

Rob said he had spotted number 1 fledge on the other side of the church. I split off to go searching, but never saw anything on the East side around the apse. No adults nor fledgling. Alas, the trees were very wet and heavy. Not such good visibility!

When I finally came around again to the North, voila! There was Tailbiter! Now taking over the railing just under Tristan's finial.

No person was left to observe, so I don't know from whence she came. I watched for a good 20 minutes, thinking I'd better head home. But the weather was holding out and the rain slight.

Patience paid off. Tristan flew off to the urn on the hospital corner. And the fledge finally started to walk the rail. At first, she (again, just a guess that she's female) was like a drunk pirate on a gangplank -- very clumsy. Then she got her sea legs and walked the whole length of the railing. That is until she got to the support and finial in the middle. Her flight to the triangular side of the finial was awkward at best. There she fluttered, trying to get a toe hold (excuse me talon). Whew! Safety. I watched for another couple of minutes, but could tell she wanted to move on. Then away she went to the scaffolding and alas out of sight. But it was a decent flight for a fledgling. It seems that she is calm and in control of her movements.


regards, winkientary--

And just what will tomorrow bring? You never can tell!
Donegal Browne

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