Wednesday, June 13, 2007

St. John's and Fordham Updates Plus Photo of the Day

A Cathedral nest update also from ardent hawk watcher Rob Schmunk--

As of 6:55 p.m. on Wednesday, still one fledge and two nestlings.For quite some time, I wondered if one had secretively fledged shortly after I got there, as I saw two nestlings around 5:15 and then only one in the nest every time I looked that way in the next hour. Also, there was a noisy robin and other chirping coming from around the park entrance at 112-1/2th. But close to 6:30, there were a few moments where all five members of the family were visible: Tristan up on Gabriel's horn, Isolde on a finial above the statue of St. Peter (one left of the nest), two nestlings, and the fledgling on the railing around the roof of St. Ansgar chapel.

The fledgling spent more than half the time I was there perched on that railing, not doing much of anything except for looking at the ground below and preening.One nestling did some very serious flapping out on St.Andrew's hand just before I left. She looks ready to go on Wednesday.

rbs-- Robert B. Schmunk

Photo by D.B.

From Chris Lyons, long time watcher of Hawkeye and Rose--

The situation here at Fordham today is that while there was only one youngster on the ledge last night, there were two this afternoon--meaning that at least one of the fledges came back to rest there.

And for all we know (and indeed, for all we'll ever know) all three have fledged. If we see one fly out now, we'll have a hard time saying whether it's a newbie or not, though I guess if it's hanging upside-down from a branch, that would be a good hint.

Christopher Lyons

(So far none of Isolde and Tristan's fledglings in the last two years have ever made it back to the Cathedral nest though not for want of trying. Nor did any of Charlotte and Junior's fledglings in 2005. Though there is word that now and again some of Pale Male's have. D. B.)


Birds and Blimp Photograph by W.A. Walters

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