Saturday, June 17, 2006

Youngest Finally Does It, 17 JUN 2006

The word from John Sheehr, birder, photographer, and viewer of the fledge, is the time for take off was 10:20pm. Youngest flew into the London Planes adjacent to the nest where she was mobbed by Catbirds. Divine Mom soon showed with half a squirrel.

12:40 Youngest on the scaffolding west of the nest.

Off nest and no comb.

Investigating the east end of the scaffold stage.



What is THAT?

1:02pm Into the shade.
1:57pm Mom off Gabriel.

2:01pm Youngest looks.

2:03pm Youngest watches.
2:04pm Mom flies into nest from NW. (?)

2:o5pm Mom comes out of nest with small rodent, flies into London Plane east of nest where Eldest was heard begging earlier.

2:10pm Mom comes out of trees and SE.

2:15pm Dad lands on pinnacle near nest with Spread Pigeon portion.

2:21pm Youngest suddenly focuses up.

2:21pm Youngest finds food.
2:22pm Mature Red-tail, possibly Dad, circles, circles, circles over parking lot area, then over trees to north.
2:25 Mature RT appears from behind Cathedral then south.

2:28pm Youngest starts lunch.

Is Youngest licking her "lips"?

That's what it looks like to me.


2:32pm Too big a bite.

The "dot", seen on other local Red-tailed Hawks during molt.

2:30pm Mature Red-tail comes from Cathedral area and flies south.

2:47pm Crop full, breezing her wings to cool off.

3:23pm Youngest watches the trees where Eldest was heard begging.

3:35pm Youngest about to eject a pellet.

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