Monday, June 12, 2006

14 Seconds to Fledge Photo and The Inwood Eyass.


TODAY 6/11/06, at 12:20:20PM Eleanor Tauber, lovely contributer of her photographs to the blog, snapped this shot. She pointed her camera at Divine Mom thinking that that eyass looked like she was going to fly, and just as she clicked the camera on Mom, 12:20:34, Elder fledged. So Eleanor got the photo but didn't see the flight. At St. Andrew's nest, because of the close proximity of trees and Cathedral, a fledge flight is visible only very very briefly before the bird is lost in the leaves or obscured by buildings.

If you blink you miss it, and a number of people did. But there is another chance when Younger takes to the air, tomorrow, or the next, or the next.

Similarly James O'Brien, who has watched Cathedral Hawks for years, was there but he was engaged briefly in something else when the eyass took the leap off St. Andrew's head. BUT as he'd had the forsight to focus his video camera on the nest site and leave it running...he does have it on video.

In answer to the question as to how I got the news of the fledge on the net so rapidly?

I wasn't there at all. I was here, sitting in front of my computer, attempting to get my blog to work properly and get the backlog of notes, material, and photographs up. So when Bruce Yolton of Urbanhawks, called with the news, I was in a perfect position to get the information out FAST.

Bruce was another victim of the lack of air view for fledging. He was changing camera positions just when the eyass became airborne and so was out of sightline.

But as I said tomorrow is another day. And tomorrow, we've broken the day down into shifts to make sure that SOMEONE will see it if it happens.

In response to questions about The Inwood Hills Nest:
I just received an email from Mitch Nusbaum, who has been keeping an eye on that Red-tail nest for everyone.

Mitch said,
As of yesterday, 6/10/2006, the single Tulipree eyass is presumed fledged at Inwood Hills Park.

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