Thursday, June 15, 2006

Peregrine Attacks Divine Mom, Mockingbird goes after Dad, and guess who stayed put...

Eldest on the roof.

4:00PM When I arrive I discover a bit of note paper tied with a long pink deflated balloon to the chain link fence of the St. Luke's parking lot. The prime viewing area from which we've been banished, unfortunately. The note says, "Donna, Stella, 3 PM Wed., Second Chick still in nest, did not fledge yet." No signature. I wonder who our benefactor is?
4:03PM I grab my binoculars. Where is she? Did she dive off when no one was watching? Aha, I see a section of wing behind St. Andrew's head. Yes, she's still there.
4:38PM The twigs on the nest are now covered with wafting baby fluff. Note Youngest breast just below the gold spot. There is a patch of pink flesh showing, where her last clump of baby fuff has fallen out but the next phase of feather hasn't come in yet.

4:40PM Mom lands on finial next to nest.
4:48PM Mom is off the finial, talons down, attempts to nab squirrel crossing the roof of St. Savior Chapel. She misses, then goes into London Plane that Eldest was tended in last night.
5:25PM Mom is up and perches on Gab's head. Peregrine appears in the north.
5:28PM Peregrine dives at Mom, with Peregrine scream, Mom is up, chases Peregrine north on Morningside Drive, lost in foliage. Constant Peregrine screams as he returns south, Mom giving chase. Where is Dad? Where did the Peregrine go?

5:35PM Mom slides her feet along Gabriel's trumpet until she is centered.
5:40PM The Peregrine is back, dives at Mom, she postures down, Peregrine retreats west.
6:20PM Mom still on Gabriel.
6:30PM Eldest discovered on small roof, St. Savior's Chapel, at rear of Cathedral.

Eldest at the foot of the praying angel.

Eldest comes closer to the eaves and looks down.

There is just something about a baby's foot.

Youngest on St. Andrew's head stares north.

6:46PM Both Eyasses stare fixedly north, the direction the Peregrine came from previously, before Eldest hits the foliage, Youngest disappears into the nest, and Mom takes off for the Plant Chimney.

6:55PM Eldest flies from the St. Savior Chapel roof and is lost in the trees beside the Cathedral. All observers search and do not find her in the foliage. Crop full, there is no begging to give her away and possibly because she may not be on the park side of the street the local birds aren't helping either. Or it's okay to beg or scold in front of humans but only a suicidal bird does it in front of Peregrines.

7:03 Mom to Plant Pavilion Chimney, stares N, the direction of the Peregrines. The wind is up and there is a sprinkle or two of rain.

7:44PM Youngest on the nest, I'd say watching Eldest. Of course all the hawks know where he is, it's just the observers who are in the dark

7:55PM Mom is back on Gabriel. Note direction of focus.

8:16PM Divine Dad is perched on the railing of the roof of 217 Manhattan Ave. He's just been buzzed by a Mockingbird who then had the cheek to land on the railing and cock his tail at him. The Mocker then flew behind Dad. Dad is alert but currently not responding. (Why has he been among the missing up at the Cathedral instead of helping Mom with the Peregrine? Maybe Mom doesn't need any help?)

The Mockingbird goes in for the hit. Dad responds.

Note feet, one foot forward, one foot back. Dad facing opposite direction, done in nanoseconds.

Note feet.

Completely turned around, comfy, awaiting the next attack.

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Eleanor said...

Wonderful posting and photos. Especially loved the one of the fledged eyas at the top!