Saturday, June 17, 2006

FLASH! Youngest Fledges!

This morning at 10:20 am, Divine the Youngest fledged into the trees East of the nest and was bombarded by cat birds. Mom came with half a squirrel. More to come later...

(Posted by Samantha, 12:45pm)

Somehow I was left off the phone tree this morning, so I didn't find out about the fledge until I arrived at the Cathedral at 12:30pm and therefore was afraid I wouldn't get the report first hand. But as luck would have it, I was in time to speak to John Sheehr, birder and photographer, who was one of the few who did manage to see Youngest take her big first leap into the world.

Youngest was acting as Youngest had acted for days when off she went in a reasonably smooth maiden flight into the London Planes east of St. Andrew. The Catbirds gathered and mobbed her. Her Mom arrived in a short period of time with half a squirrel to take the edge off the experience.

Field Notes and Photos of today, up next.


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