Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Great Tootsie Pop Game Part III

After Quicksilver's rapid slide in his own version of a firefighter descent down the the leg of his cage, he still has his eye on the prize.

African Greys are the winners in age corrected to IQ tests in which they are tested to see which species can wait the longest to finally get whatever it is they want.

Silver carefully nabs the Tootsie Pop stick....never touching the wires.
Then Silver begins to chew the wrapper off.  Parrots have an overwhealming urge to get to "the heart" of whatever.  What we might take as curiousity?  Or something to do with getting the "skin"off a fruit in order to eat the sweet part?

Suddenly alert...he hears something.  The foot holding the Tootsie Pop goes down and his head goes up.  Pause.  Tig the Dog walks through the second parlor, the room Silver is facing, and continues into the laundry room for a drink of water.

Silver shifts into a better grip on the candy and begins chewing at the paper very, very, rapidly with sharp focus.
Silver goes into alert mode, listens and peers under the furniture between himself and the laundry room door.

Silver checks in on me with the kind of look in which he thinks he just may need back up at some point.

Squirrel the cat races through the second parlor and into the laundry room where Tig the dog was last seen.  

Back to the Tootsie Pop with internal focus.  See the difference in his eye focus?

Also look at how long his second "finger" has become in relation to the other middle front pointing finger.   It is almost as if one finger has stretched and he other contracted.  Though of course the exposed toe on the right is ordinarily shorter than the one on the left but ordinarily there isn't that much of a difference.
Does that look like a dinosaur foot or what?

Digression Alert!
Speaking of dinosaurs...

A Chinese paleontologist, Xing Lida, found the specimen of a tiny dinosaur's  feathered tail incased in amber at a market in northern Myanmar near the Chinese border.

Back to tangential dinosaur descendent  Quicksilver the Tootsie Pop unwrapping African Grey Parrot's feet.

AAaaaAa  okay in the it's always something department...blogger has decided to do only caps which makes me seem like i'm yelling...which even i can't stand...

we'll stop for the time being  
(yes the sign off was already typed in before the malady began....)
Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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