Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Quicksilver Parrot, Tig the Dog and Squirrel the Cat Play the Great Tootsie Pop Game Part V

Quicksilver the African Grey Parrot had just walked under the bed.  There is a beat and suddenly he begins backing out again.

He isn't doing this because it is tight down there, as the bed is a vintage one.  Therefore the wooden sides below the mattress etc. are at least a foot and a half off the floor.
Silver backs up just enough to get a look at my eyes.  Yup.  I'm still watching him.

I'm not sure why he doesn't turn around under the bed and just poke his head out to look which would expose him less and be more stealthy.

Is it like some small children who go through a phase in which if they cover their eyes nobody else can see  them either?

Hmmm.  Probably not as if you are a bird flying out of danger from a dog and cat chase or running forward under the bed are better options than running backwards.  So even though it exposes him more this is the better option?
Silver tucks his head once again out of my view, does a turn under the bed...

And heads back toward the Tootsie Pop.   Currently no sounds are heard from Tig or Squirrel.  Pyewackit the older, more portly cat is likely hiding.  She can't stand all this foldarol.   It jangles her nerves. 

 I should have named her Aunt Pittypat.
Silver checks if the coast is clear.
Alert, Silver nabs the Tootsie Pop and scans the second parlor.
He starts chewing rapidly.  Look at the change in focus and intensity in his eyes.
Silver peels off more paper.

Tig walks through the second parlor.  Silver dumps the Tootsie Pop and prepares to make a run for the "cave" under the bed.
Tig keeps going.  Silver keeps chewing the paper off without holding the pop which gives him both feet immediately for use if he needs them.
Squirrel slinks through the second parlor stalking Tig.
The sound of dog FEET!!!
Silver trots for the "cave" under the bed.
Half of Silver disappears under the bed.  Look.  I think he is looking at me through the crevice between box springs and side rail.  Sneaky.

                    Silver pops out for a wider view.
Silver takes a couple of quick steps then stops dead.  Do you see what he sees?
 A yummy fleece sock  What could be more chewable?
The mammals thunder by again.  Sorry the flash failed so dark, but you can see the red of his tail poking out from under the bed.  Silver starts to come out.  I pick up the yummy sock.

Silver is so angry about the sock leaving that he bites the bottom of the box springs really really hard.
An angry parrot is often bent on revenge besides.  Silver heads for the pile of mail I'd been sorting when all this began with true vigor.

Silver then finds himself back on his cage.
And Squirrel bombs in to play with the new and improved Tootsie Pop toy.  It rolls much better without the wrapper.


You never know what is really happening until you pay attention...

More to come.
Donegal Browne

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