Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Sorry about the giant lag in posting.  I am using another computer, my previous one dropped dead, but for whatever reason my photo program is no longer accessible to the blog.  Therefore until I can get that remedied....the photographs will not be what they used to be.

That said....on with the show.

This is Big Otis the Crow eating fried chicken.  He is quite large and a bit on the selfish side.

There are three Crows in the Ponderosa Pine cawing mercilessly at him.  He doesn't care.  One attempts a fly in.
 Otis appears to ignore her.

And just as the second Crow, Millie,  is about to come in for a landing, Otis gets belligerent and spreads his wings.

Millie goes for more altitude and veers off.

That got rid of Millie.  Big Otis eyes the other piece of chicken.  I run up the stairs to an upper window in hopes of a better view.
By the time I get upstairs.  Otis is back to eating.  This time he is going for the other piece.  He appears to be going for the crispy outside.  The three Crows in the Ponderosa Pine continue to scold him.
One of the Crows appears to have flown round the house for a different  approach.  Otis is onto the ploy.  He looks and the other Crow lands in a yard Maple and stares at him.   The other Crows may not be getting any chicken but they are keeping Big Otis vigilant so he isn't getting a lot of eating done either.
Otis goes back to eating but he's nibbling the left piece of chicken as the left Crow is closer than those in the top of the  very tall Ponderosa Pine.

I run up the stairs of the house and look out a second story window.
Big Otis eyes a squirrel who is eyeing him from the ground.
Big Otis starts gobbling as fast as possible.


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