Saturday, November 05, 2016

Pinky vs Squirrel Part One

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3:35 Early yesterday morning,  I'd been working on photographs and headed for the little bathroom which is just off the laundry/animal room.  It was dark but I could see that Squirrel the cat was staring fixedly at the window which overlooks the bird feeding area.  Pyewacket, the other cat was sitting a few feet away also staring at the window. 

 I go closer and peer out.

Wow!  A opossum and Squirrel are having a staring contest.  I went for the camera but it was so dark I couldn't get a focus.  I cracked the bathroom door with the light on inside.

Squirrel and the opossum continued to stare at each other.  Still not enough light for a picture.  I pulled the string for the general light fully expecting an end to the interlude.

Nope.  It was then I saw that even with eyes locked on the cat the opossum was chewing.

Ahhh.  Earlier in the day, I'd put a hefty pile of sunflower seeds along the outside window sill just above the big wooden tip up door for coal delivery (It appears much like the flip up tops of 19th century storm cellars.)  in hopes of luring birds closer to the window.  No soap on that ploy but Ms. Opossum is making the best of the birds negligence.

And the flash on the camera didn't bother Opossom at all.
She turns her head and chews while looking towards the front yard.  She is much smaller than Fluffy the opossum who used to visit the feeding area in Milton.  Therefore the pronoun "she"and the name Pinky...due to her pink toes.
Squirrel watches a seed hull floating in the water bowl.
Pinky chews and fixedly watches something out in the night.  Not only do opossums eat seeds, they eat just about anything...seeds, vegetation, cockroaches, beetles, people food, cat food, dog food, and grubs.  The also hunt rodents and birds. 

Basically, if you name it, they probably eat it.
Pinky goes for another mouth full of sunflower seeds.
She chews and Squirrel pretends not to be interested.

Pinky chews and looks as if she is considering Squirrel as a possible meal.  

That was a joke.  Opossums do not hunt cats though they do partake if an animal is roadkill.  Opossums are major members of nature's clean up crew.

Back in the day, 70 million years ago, the marsupial Opossums walked among the dinosaurs.  

They must be doing something right.

Blogger isn't allowing me to add another photo, therefore this is the end of Part 1.

Donegal Browne

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