Saturday, November 05, 2016

Quicksilver Nabs a Tootsie Pop, Michael Moore and the Pope on Pets,

For those of you who haven't met him yet, this is Quicksilver the African Grey Parrot who lives with me.  Well Silver has appropriated a watermelon/strawberry Tootsie Pop from Halloween.

Note his expression.  He knows he's busted.

He then does what every self respecting parrot does when busted with purloined food he isn't supposed to be eating...

He chews faster.  

I do wonder how exactly he got the Tootsie Pop and the best way to get it away from him.  

Now keep in mind he is still working on getting the wrapper off and having only watched humans enjoy Tootsie Pops he doesn't know yet that having saliva is a very important part of tasting a Tootsie Pop.

Silver does not have saliva on his tongue. Though in the very back of his mouth there is secretion to aid swallowing and Tootsie Pops do smell fruity so tempting.  Particularly this new double flavor. 

The hard candy wouldn't kill him but there is that little problem of the chocolate Tootsie Roll center.

I say, "C'mon, Silver, give me the candy".

Silver's response is to chew faster, take a slightly more belligerent stance, and keep a closer eye on me.  


 Last I saw the Toosie Pops they were in a bowl on the counter in the kitchen which is several rooms away from his current position on top of his cage.  And his wings are clipped as he was sashaying around the house chewing important things to bits when I wasn't looking.

Though he now has two primaries on each side so he can manage to fly to the ground without going  "splat" and walk around the house at his leisure if  I don't happen to hear the wing flaps.  

No, he is in very little jeopardy from the other pets, Pyewacket and Squirrel the cats and Tig the Dog know he has a very sharp beak, isn't afraid to use it, and they are often his partners in food stealing crime anyway.  They know he doesn't have a problem sharing the spoils.  

Which he does readily.  Remember the raw hamburger episode?

Silver is now down to the hard candy portion inside the wrapper.

Note he no longer has that intent look in his eye about getting the candy.  No Saliva hence no sweetness.

When I reach for it, he willingly gives it up.  

And likely goes back to plotting another heist for something that doesn't require saliva to savor.

Oh and for the political junkies who need a few laughs at this point in the presidential election process... I'd heard that  Michael Moore's one many show was funny and cheering.  Here is a link in case you missed that chapter.

P.S.  I later discovered it was Squirrel the Cat who was originally fishing the Tootsie Pops out of the bowl in the kitchen and batting them around the house.

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