Friday, May 29, 2015

Sheep Meadow Eyasses, Fordham Nest Update, and of course Pale Male, Octavia, and the Kids

 All times PM
 5:13:34  First stop in Central Park--the Sheep Meadow Nest, Mom flew out of the trees toward the lake just as I was arriving.  
 Two of the eyasses are getting downright might be the third but she being the youngest, hasn't got the size to be regularly visible as yet.

And while I'm walking over to the Hawk Bench, how about taking a look at a super photo and note from Rich Fleisher  updating the Fordham Hawks.


...the Fordham Red-tails have three youngsters in the nest. They are nesting on the same building they have used the previous two years.  Not the best site since the youngsters when they fledge have to make it across a busy street and the MetroNorth tracks.  I attach one photo.  Others can be seen on my flickr page (

Rich Fleisher
Fingers crossed for the Fordham Hawks. Thanks for the update Rich and we'll look forward to more!

Now it's time to walk over to the Hawk Bench and see what is happening with Pale Male and the Gang.

5:58:04 Medium is bugging Little.

Octavia intercedes.
 Octavia gives Little a snack.  See Large's slightly raised foot?  She's thinking about making a grab.
 While playing referee, Octavia keeps an eye peeled for Pale Male.
\ Speaking of Pale Male, here he comes with a delivery.

 And what's for dinner?  Look carefully.  I'd say it was a squirrel.
  Good thing Pale Male excellent nest landing technique.

Note Pale Male's control.  He curves his body and raises his talons as he comes in so he doesn't slash anyone

 Safe landing
  No one is punctured.
 Pale Male takes a quick look at his progeny.

 And he's off to Woody to sit on the railing and  keep watch while Octavia prepares dinner.
It appears that Octavia is actually having her own dinner and the eyasses are leaving her alone to have it.
Pale Male heads south then circles back.
He lands on Linda and surveys the territory while Octavia eats.   Margaret, the only other watcher on the hawk bench besides myself at this hour, and I decide that now that we've seen Pale Male we'd better head home so we aren't benighted in Central Park.

But I can't resist stopping by the Sheep Meadow nest for just a moment on my way west to leave the park.
Sure enough there are two little heads still visible, still watching the world go by their tree in Central Park.

Happy Hawking
Donegal Browne

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