Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Octavia Insists on Manners and Pale Male Once Again Brings Home the Bacon

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3:10:01  Octavia prepares some leftovers for Small.
 3:13:51  Octavia ever so carefully places a tidbit in Little's beak.

3:15:34  Little attempts to burrow under Mom.

3:17:08  Little snuggles while Octavia scans the territory.
 3:55:08  Everybody is up and thinking food.  Octavia distributes tidbits.  Note the differences in plumage on the eyasses due to the their very slight differences in age.

3:55:47  Octavia uses her body to keep Large, and Medium from grabbing Little's food.
4:05:22 Large and Medium consider possible moves to circumvent bites going to Little.
4:13:58  And here comes Pale Male to save the day.
4:13:58  The Bench was divided on whether Pale Male was carrying a Starling or a rodent.

Stay tuned for prey identity...more to come tomorrow!

Donegal Browne

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