Sunday, May 24, 2015

An Afternoon at the Bench-Pale Male and Octavia's Nest 5/23/2015 Part 1

 927 Fifth Avenue...all times PM.

For the moment, while we can still definitely  tell them apart due to differences in maturation, let's call the first eyass hatched, 1, the middle eyass, 2, and the baby, 3.

1:52:51 The eyasses are active and watching for their parents. 1 and 2 are getting quite adept at walking.  3 isn't really up off her haunches much. 

(As we don't know the sex of the eyasses yet, and as was done as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth back in the day, all hawks of unknown sex are referred to as "she".)

1:53:40 Here they are in a row sporting their differences in maturation.  One is walking upright with the darkest wing feathers.  Two is not quite as adept at walking and has  paler colored wing feathers.  Three, the baby, sleeps more and is the least mobile.
1:55:08 Three is awake, Two is attempting to shelter from the sun but still be aware of when the next meal may be coming, and One has disappeared from sight into the nest.
1:55:30  Two's interest is piqued by, no doubt, a glimpse of a parent.  Note her crop is bulging already.
1:55:32  But two seconds later, no joy, she's turned back around again.

1:56:44  Maybe something is going on to the North or are we considering an interaction with Three?

2:08:42 They are definitely seeing something of interest but our view from the Bench which is on the ground of course is obscured by being low and shaded by foliage
2:09:31  What are they looking at or for?

2:10:01 Ta da! Pale Male is discovered on the Beresford. (Slip of a tired brain...Duh!  Actually as  we all know, including me, this is the Carlyle as was gently  pointed out to me by numerous vigilant readers.  Thank you hawkwatchers !)  

See Pale Male? He is on the third light counted from the left on the row of light fixtures between the green tiled roof and the stone of the building.  They may have been watching him make his way over there.
2:11:06 Pale Male was suddenly gone.  He went somewhere and now he's back but on a different light.

2:11:16 One is heading south toward the other two.  Okay One as a name isn't going to work.  (As in the first sentence are we talking any single eyass or a particular eyass?  (Suggestions for descriptive baby names until they have more character?)

2:11:34    They are looking the opposite direction of Dad.  It's a good bet that Mom is over there.  

Much More to Come...but it's currently 12:32 AM...

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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