Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pale Male and Octavia's Fledglings Meals, the Fordham Hawks, Isolde and Norman's Fledgling Gets Mobbed, Francois Portmann and the Thompkins Square Red-tails


As usual Pale Male, the Monarch of Central Park, keeps a calm eye on the Central Park fledgling situation. 

Andy Andrews reports that all is going well with the youngsters and Pale Male was seen delivering a rat and two pigeons to his progeny today.

Photo by Robert Schmunk

 One of Isolde and Norman's fledglings checks out the Robins that has been mobbing her today.

For more news on the Morningside Park Hawks of the Cathedral nest go to

For those who missed the June 19th Fordham Redtailed Hawk Update from Chris Lyons, plus a follow up of today's update,

I'm sure all of them have left the nest by this point, but I had been unable to find out where any of them were, or if they'd survived the dangerous leap from that apartment building on Webster.  
This morning, coming in to work, I heard begging calls from a tree alongside the path coming in from Fordham Road, by the library.   I looked up and saw a young Red-tail being fed by an adult.   Just one. 
I don't think this youngster could fly across the tracks, but my guess is that he or she followed the treeline in that little strip park on the other side of the tracks, until he or she reached the north side of Fordham Rd., at which point the crossing would be much easier.   And still pretty perilous, but obviously successful. 
Possible the others are still on the far side of the tracks.   We'll see.
I won't have any time to look for them today, but I'll try tomorrow.

Today's, June 27th, Fordham Red-tailed Hawk Update from Chris Lyons--
Sightings have been scarce this week, but there are at least two fledglings on the campus now.   I'd give a lot to know how they got here.   Rich Fleisher says he's seen two adults together since one was found dead on the Metro North tracks, so it's unclear whether Blanche lost her mate and got a new one, or if this was a completely different adult Red-tail who was killed.

At some point, hopefully, I can at least figure out how big the family is now.  


As many of you will know, the second Fledgling has come off the Thompkins Square Park Nest.  

And a note from chief watcher of the Thompkins Square Hawks for many years, Francois Portman in response to some questions of mine...

2nd fledge yesterday, the 24th,
both fledges are around the nest area and getting food delivered,
so far all good,

 And a link with more photos and details about Shaft's rescue-

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne


Mary Depew said...

Donegal - I had to post - I have been following you, not religiously, but following for many years - I love reading all your
- the Monarch of Central Park - made me write - Love the term - got a good chuckle - I so love the whole story of Palemale. I forget what I used to read and I am not sure when you started this blog format Thanks ever so much Donegal!

Donegal Browne said...

Hi Mary,

Thank you for keeping up all these years. Pale Male is amazing isn't he? Actually I'm not sure who coined the phrase the Monarch of Central Park but it utterly fits. You know I had to look up when it was I started this blog as when I began taking field notes of Pale Male and his mates they went up on Marie Winn's Nature News blog

I started palemaleirregulars in 2006. Goodness me that is a while isn't it?

Thanks again Mary, keep reading!

Mary Depew said...

Your very welcome Donegal! 2006 WOW - yes - longtime....while I love all your news, I especially want Palemale's story to go on forever...watching him through other eyes has been part of my day for so long I just cannot imagine my life without him - You too I am sure!! .....simply cannot imagine....