Sunday, June 22, 2014

6:57PM Stella Hamilton in Central Park with the Fledglings Lucky ME!!!

6:57PM  As Stella says, "Lucky me!"  The other fledgling just walks right up to her while focused on something else.  To these fledglings human could be moving rocks for all the trepidation they instill in them.  

Never fear before long they get on with their young Red-tail lives, mimic their parents,  and no longer just walk up to people.

Though one day at the Hawk Bench, Pale Male came within a a few inches of taking Stella out accidentally as she inadvertantly walked in front of him as he dove for a pigeon.  No one had noticed he was hunting from the tree above the Bench. 

 Pale Male is an incredibly stealthy hawk. 


sally said...

Is OCtavia missing?

Donegal Browne said...

Hi Sally,

No we don't believe she is missing. I knew others might be wondering so gave a full explanation of what is going on with Octavia on the first post of the day for July 1st