Sunday, June 22, 2014

7:57:32 PM STella Hamilton in Central Park with Pale Male and the Fledglings If You Want to Read the Report in Order Scroll down to the 5:25PM Report

 Stella says,
7:57:32 PM  Pale Male is facing south.  Fledgling is on another branch.  I think that both will roost there tonight.  I hear another fledgling calling from the distance.  Not much going on now.  It is getting quiet.

I asked Stella who had won the food fight.

First Fledgling won the food fight.  Second Fledgling went up a small tree and begged all evening.  I think it is Second Fledgling who joined Pale Male in his roosting tree.  Second Fledgling's crop looks like it has some nutrition in it.  (The crop is slightly bulged as opposed to being completely  flat.  Going to sleep a little hungry is another lesson toward learning to hunt for ones self. DB)

The Third Fledgling is further north, just a few yards up.

And where is Octavia in all this?  

Stella responded,  I got in at 5:30PM and there has been no sign of Octavia.

Happy Hawking!  More as it comes in...

Donegal Browne

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