Wednesday, June 12, 2013

FLASH! Fifth Avenue Second Eyass Fledges and A Roundup of NYC Red-tail Nest News!

Did Someone Order a Pigeon?
Photo by Robert Schmunk
The beautiful Isolde of the St. John the Divine Cathedral nest with dinner for the "kids"
Chief watcher Robert Schmunk writes-
 Everyone in the cathedral hawk family was presented and accounted for Tuesday evening, with the children all getting fed, and some posing for pictures.

From Jules Corkery, a chief watcher of  Andromeda and Atlas-

Tonight, Andromeda lured the 2 babies to the trees inside the tennis courts probably for both dinner and roosting for the night.  She is such a good mother. Haven't seen Atlas in a while so will try to spot him before we leave town for a few days. 

Jeff Kollbrunner's update on Mama and Papa of Briarwood

Mama and Papa's three have fledged their nest in Briarwood. One fledged last Wednesday June 5th and the other two together on Saturday June 8th in the morning. They are all doing very well. The last couple days the first fledgling is flying between the building his nest is located and the building rooftop across the street. I hope to post some images of the fledglings this evening on my Facebook page JKNatureGallery.  

From Peter Richter, the hawkwatcher with a close eye on the Queens Hawk scene.

Hello All,

Just a quick update on the Queens nests:

St.John's University had 2 successful fledges and one that needed rehab. The rehabilitated female fledgling was released this past Sunday and is being monitored by the university staff.

Astoria Park has 2 successful fledges

Flushing Meadow Park had one successful fledge and one that needed rehab. The rehabilitated male was released this past Sunday and I will visit tomorrow to update its status.

There were no nests built this year at the IDCNY Building in Long Island City or the New York Hospital of Queens in Flushing.
I haven't had a chance to visit the Woodside nest in a few weeks, but saw 2 eyasses in the nest last month. I visited Randall's Island last Saturday but a concert on the island kept me from seeing any fledges in the area.


Photo courtesy of 

"Two" did a stealth fledge without an audience today. And "Three" is now solo on the nest.  She is still hop flapping and it likely won't be long before she's down killing sticks and rocks in Central Park with her siblings.

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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