Monday, June 10, 2013

FLASH!!! PALE MALE AND OCTAVIA HAVE A FLEDGE!!!!!! (Pale Male Does It Again!) And Addendum on Franklin Nest teircel/formel ID

Photo Stella Hamilton 

Just in from veteran Hawkwatcher Stella Hamilton!

 We have a fledge!

 No one knows when it happened because the  area where Hawkbench is was closed due to the Puerto Rican Day Parade. A bunch of us hawk watchers quickly stormed the Model Sailboat Pond as soon as the the cops gave us the OK to go right on in after the parade had ended. 

We heard the baby calling but could not find it right away. 

Mom, Octavia, was nearby, so baby must be around. After a few minutes of searching, Lincoln located baby on a railing of a building 2 blocks North of the nest building. 

Pale Male was also hanging around the terraces of the buildings and treetops along 5th Ave.  So, two more babies to go. 

It will be raining the next 2 days , so good luck. 


 Photo Stella Hamilton

And a vigilant parent is never far away!

Stay tuned!  More as it comes in!

ADDENDUM on the Franklin-  A heads up from Robin of Illinois--wonderful comparison of the ankles of a tiercel vs a formel eyass!
Donegal Browne

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