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Pale Male is Still the Monarch of Central Park and Every Inch a Gentleman, Plus Downtown Copulation

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Octavia fights to retain her pigeon meal from an intruder in full view of the watchers at the Hawk Bench.

(Sorry dear readers that this is going up so late, I was scanning and editing the vintage photos for a friend's book, which is due very soon to his publisher!)

It was a very exciting afternoon for those who were out in the  field today, and yes, our Uptown/Downtown Team was back in the  traces yet again too.

Katherine Herzog, our uptown contributor, was on the spot when the big Fifth Avenue Food Fight took place and it was one of the most exciting interchanges that has been seen in a good while according to the veterans at the Hawk Bench.

Octavia had a pigeon of which she was going to make a meal when an intruder Red-tail appeared and attempted to take it away from her.   And the spectacular aerial display began! 

Talons flashed up, there were swoops and lots of mid-air bumping.  The fabulous Keeeee cry of red-tails rang over the Model Boat Pond once again. 

 The intruder did manage to take the meal from Octavia but then it was Pale Male to the rescue with the Big O in support.

Ever the gentleman, Pale Male after spectacular flying and clever tactics, which brought many an exclamation from the ground, managed to retrieve Octavia's meal.  Which he then presented back to her.

Kat also reports that Pale Male and Octavia copulated at 78th St. this afternoon, and Stella reported that at just about the same time, the Downtown Pair was copulating as well.

Therefore with the confusing copulation in earlier days it was clear today that whatever is going on it isn't because someone somewhere was missing a mate, today's activities brought that thought to rest as everyone was seen "doing it" at about the same time.

At about 4:25pm (Eastern Time) Stella Hamilton called just as she sighted a Red-tailed Hawk flying downtown on Fifth Avenue.  The unidentified hawk then proceeded to fly back up Fifth Avenue. 
 Also in view were two hawks downtown, one on the Sherry Netherland gargoyle, preening , the Sherry Netherland was where the Downtown pair had copulated,  and there was another hawk on the roof of The Plaza near the flagpole.

Eventually the pair flew west toward The Essex and disappeared.

At about 4:40pm Katherine Herzog reported that Pale Male had been sitting on the Linda Building but then took off for the Ramble.

Where was O?  Was she the one flying down and than back up Fifth Avenue?  And if so, why?

Plus just who was the intruder who snatched O's pigeon?  

More to come as it happens!

 Happy Hawking! 
 Donegal Browne



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