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Pale Male with a meal for Octavia 

Long time Hawkwatcher Katherine Herzog, the uptown Fifth Avenue half of our recent spotting team in Central Park, shares her observations from the Hawk Bench for March 6th

 Hi Donna,

2:20pm - Spent only an hour at the Fifth Avenue nest but when I got to the boat pond (meeting up with other hawk watchers)....Octavia and Pale Male were both on the nest. Pale came and went several times but Octavia sat on the nest and then settled down into the deepest part of the nest disappearing completely from time to time and then poking her head up.  Then Pale Male flew back to the nest and he "tried out" the deepest part of the nest, sinking down until he disappeared completely as Octavia watched from the rim of the nest.

Total time I observed Octavia continuously on the nest was 45-minutes, but she was already on the nest when I got to the park.

Pale Male flew off north and though I didn't observe any feeding on the nest - when Octavia finally flew off south we noticed a very full crop.  We left at 3:30pm after being slammed by extremely strong winds.  And remember - this was just my hour's worth of observation!

Lincoln's picture posted on of Pale bringing more food to the nest late in the afternoon was great to see.  This is the most quality time I've seen them spend at the nest thus far and that's just (from my part) only occasional and intermittent observations.



 Many thanks for being our eyes in the field,  Katherine!

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Donegal Browne
Happy Hawking!

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