Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Pale Male, The Franklin Institute Hawks, Blakeman's Zephyr, Octavia and The Intruder

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 Pale Male goes into a dive, Monday.  For those who haven't seen him in action, Pale Male is lightening fast and truly remarkable in flight.

BIG NEWS FROM THE FRANKLIN  INSTITUTE HAWKS, PHILADELPHIA...note the evergreen boughs.  It looks like the choice has been made.

Photo courtesy of Scott Kemper
"This has been a week of stunning developments at the Franklin Institute nest since the hawks finally came to their senses and returned to the best nest site in Philadelphia.  The nest grows visibly each day..."

Thanks to Robin of Illinois for the heads up!

The Zephyr Report
 Ohio Hawk Expert, John Blakeman has spotted Zephyr, his former falconry hawk,  twice in trees nearby his home recently.

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Remember the earlier food fight this week among Octavia, an "intruder", and Pale Male? 

John Blakeman wrote, " I'd presume these to be a mated pair. If not, it's still a spring-time sexual behavior thing, where food is exchanged or shared, to determine social position and alignments. No physical harm ever occurs to the hawks."

My question, If Octavia is having a dalliance with the Downtown male as has been suspected and possibly proved, might "the intruder" have been Downtown Male trying for the sexual behavior concerning food that Mr. Blakeman is talking about but Pale Male was having none of it and reinforcing his position as Octavia's mate?

We're possibly in a whole new spectrum of behavior we've not knowingly seen before. 

Stay tuned.

Donegal Browne 

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