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Red-tail Updates:Nest for Washinton Sq. Park RTs, Lola Sits, Cathedral Nest, Triborough Nest

Photo by Zach L.
Hello Donna,

I believe you commented on my blog "Old-NYC" sometime ago on a picture I posted of a Red Tailed sitting atop Judson Memorial Church off of Washington Sq Park. Anyway, I periodically see one or two large Red Tails flying around the park (I've seen them for about 2 years now) and just today I spotted one with two sticks in it's beak landing atop 1 Fifth. It appears they are in the process of building a nest at the very tip top of the building, just below the brick spire on the top. I've seen them perched on 1 Fifth many times but I've never noticed a nest.

- Zach

Thanks Zach for the exciting news! We've been wondering when the Washington's Square Park hawk might find a mate and nest. It looks like you've zeroed in on the spot. Keep your eyes peeled and keep sending in your updates. We'll all be waiting.

Photo by Zach Lemle
Hello Donna,

I sent the email about the two hawks that are building a nest on 1 Fifth Ave next to Washington Square Park...I managed to get some photos today so I thought I'd send a couple to you...

- Zach

Photo by Zach Lemle

And another beautiful shot from Zach from the roof. We can't wait to see and hear more Zach so keep you eyes peeled and keep us updated.

And from Central Park Hawkwatcher Ed Tindale--

I'd thought that Lola wasn't leaving the nest for the last couple of days but only stayed until dusk. Today I stayed watching the Fifth Avenue nest of Pale Male and Lola until it was dark and I believe I can confirm that Lola never left the nest and is now sitting.

Great news, thanks for you vigilance Ed!

And from Morningside resident Lara Larson, big news about Isolde and Norman--

I was excited last week when I was walking my dog, Tag, and thought I saw one of the St. Andrew's nest hawks fly into the nest at the Cathedral bringing a stick. I decided to stand and watch for them on Tuesday and sure enough the hawks are working on the nest. I saw a hawk bring three sticks and put them in the nest. I d0n't know which hawk. I can't tell them apart yet.


Super news Lara, keep watching and let us know how it's going. If you happen to have a camera try for a few photos too! They don't have to be perfect as they are for documentation so don't worry about that aspect.

And Isolde roosts once again on the fire escape, an update from Nara-

Hi Donna,
Our friend is back tonight after a long hiatus (she last roosted with us during that first snowstorm several weeks ago, on a Wednesday).
So what does this mean? Do they roost for the night in other locations even once they've started their nest? Or does her presence mean they haven't yet started their nest? Just curious...


Hi Nara,

Great to hear from you.

Isolde and Norman are likely working on their nest but once there are eggs Isolde will be on the nest for the night for months to come. First incubating the eggs and then brooding the eyasses. She usually won't roost elsewhere until all the young ones have fledged. Then she and Norman will roost in spots where they can keep an eye on their youngsters.

And from Jules Corkery, chief watcher of the Triborough Bridge hawks--

Hi All!
Atlas and Athena seem to have chosen a nest site for 2010. The site
is very close to the 2007 nest which is on the south side of the
bridge behind the tennis courts. It's about 20 feet over and slightly
higher than the old nest. It's underneath the roadway and is on a set
of 3 black pipes (there are large road signs on that section of the
bridge so these pipes might be for electricity to those signs? just a
theory). Atlas and Athena attempted to build their last year and then
moved to the north side of the bridge. The sticks they had laid there
last year are still there so they're building. Robert saw Athena
jumping up and down on it today


And a tidbit from Jeff Kollbrunner, chief watcher of Mama and Papa in Queens. Mama and Papa are notorious for switching nests sites from year to year. It appears tht they have given up tree nesting for the moment and have moved back to working on a building nest for this season.

And lest we get too Red-tailed Hawk glutted, (Is that even possible?), from NYBG contributor Pat Gonzalez--


Here's some amazing footage of Great-horned owls.


Donegal Browne

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