Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Red-tail Update: Morningside Hawks, Isolde and Norman, Fordham/NYBG's Rose and Vince, and the Disappeared Ms on County M

Rose and Vince hanging at the NYBG, footage from Pat Gonzalez--

I shot this footage earlier today around 3:30 at the same spot I had my last encounter with them. They were perched only two trees away!

First I saw Rose. Examination of the photos confirm the band on her foot. Then she called out to him. I suspected he was nearby and scanned the area with my binoculars. Nothing until she sang out, and less than a minute later, he shows up. What a dedicated mate he is. : )


From the intrepid Winkie, watcher of Isolde and Norman, the Morningside Park Hawks or as we used to call them--The Divines, for their use of the nest on the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine.

Hi Donna,

After running at top speed, I barely had any light left when I got to the cathedral. Robert was there. He was able to capture Isolde on the left side of the nest. Robert posted the photo on his site: This shot was about 10 minutes before I arrived. As far as we know, she did not exit the nest last night. But we might not have seen her in the low light. My vision is quite good in poor light, so I really think she stayed. Unless she left prior to my arrival and Robert missed her.

As twilight came on he headed to the the cathedral close to see if he could find Norman. Norman has flown that way about 10 minutes before I got there. He must have not found Norman, as there was no mention of him on the posting.

I can run there again tonight. But my hawk watching time is much better in the morning. That is why I was bemoaning the loss of light. Only Monday and Tuesday can I come straight home. The rest of the week I can't get there before dark. And if there is any hawk in the nest, one sure can't see it in the deep shadows when I could get there.

Let's all hope that this is a sign that she has chosen her old nest. It is really one of the best locations in her territory. And probably less developed than Harlem to the east. Add to the hopes that she build the nest real high so we can see something!

regards, winkie

Alright Winkie! Thanks so much for the update. It sounds to me that St. Andrew is the spot and Isolde may have started sitting. Unfortunately she likes to be hidden and that bowl seems to stay where it is and the sides higher every time they use that spot. But at least it's a spot we can gather and watch in. Keep it up girl, we all can't wait to hear what happens next!

The Ms nest as of 2010-03-09, Changes??? Not so one could notice and I've not seen either of them for days either. The Rock River Eagles Jane and Rock weren't in their usual spot at sunset either. I must find someone with a boat so I can find their nest.

A pair of Mallards exit the Rock River. Female in front, male bringing up the rear.

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