Sunday, March 07, 2010

Looking for the Ms, Albionistic Crows, and the little Brown Dove.

I went out looking for the Red-tails of County M today and didn't see so much as a feather. Though I did see the pair who's territory includes Thresherman's park, flying through the sky in tandem. Which let me know that at least that pair had as yet not taken to a nest.

Speaking of nests, the Ms nest of last season seems pretty much the same as it did the last time I looked and definitely doesn't look occupied at the moment.

As I was checking on the M Red-tails, suddenly a flock or it seemed more like a swarm of Crows with a few other species mixed in were busily working the bare wet areas eating worms with abandon. One of the feasts of having a thaw and they were ready for it. Of course when I stopped the car, even with the motor running, radio blasting, they still took off like a shot.

Look carefully the bird on the far left has an albinistic tail and the largest bird on the right has white patches on both winds.
Then they were hot winging it across the far field.

A whole stream of them passing over the far field...
And likely making it to the bare patches just over the rise where no human eyes would be staring at them.
The sun was shining and male Cardinal was singing his little brains out.
This little dove reminds me of Doorstep but she doesn't bob her head back when I bob mine and she seems a touch slimmer and browner than Doorstep but she has some of the same habits. She appears about a half hour before the rest of the flock, finds herself a comfy spot, and suns if there is any. Otherwise she just sits and often looks through the patio door at me.

The rest of the flock appears when it is almost too dark to see them. The group is up to nine now. But why is the little doves behavior so different from her counterparts?
Donegal Browne

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