Friday, June 05, 2009

Secundus seems to be chewing something while it's Primus who is staring at me this time.

Secundus gives Primus the upside-down-head look.

It is warm and Primus pants.

Suddenly alert.

Ah, that's the distraction. Dad arrives with a vole.

It appears that Primus has the vole.

Secundus sees Primus eating.

He's up and staring like a vulture.

Secundus may have snatched the remaining portion of vole.

Primus goes for a retrieve.

They both pant.

Primus stares into the nest, possibly looking for leftovers.

Secundus is currently left and Primus right.

Is someone coming? NO.
Drat! Secundus stares out at me and Primus studies the twigs for tidbits.
From Robin of Illinois--

SILVER SPRING, Maryland (WUSA) -- Is this an albino deer? A horse? Or assome have suggested, both? Keith Richardson of Laurel, Maryland isn't 100-percent sure. All he knows isthat he was on his way to work on Wednesday, May 20 when he says he spottedthis animal in a field near the intersection of Layhill and Baughman Roadsin Silver Spring.
"Right near where the ICC is being built," Richardson tells 9NEWS NOW.Richardson pulled over and began taking pictures.He says at first he was convinced it was an albino deer. But then somefriends and co-workers thought it could be a horse because the tail is solong."As it was running away from me, that gait looked like a horse. Maybe it'sboth, a combination of some sort? I don't know," says Richardson.

9NEWS NOW did some investigating and discovered that the deer in question isa Piebald deer. Piebald deer are not albino deer. They can have black hooves, brown eyes and other genetic deformities, such as that extra long tail. Generally they are less than one percent of the deer population.


Donegal Browne

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