Sunday, May 31, 2009

Audubon Starr Ranch Hummingbirds and the Portland Fire Escape Red-tailed Hawk Nest

Sally of Kentucky, one of the KJRH Tulsa Hawk Nest Forum, has been following both nests and sending in delightful screen captures--Junior and a parent perch on the railing or one could say the eyass is "branching on a fire escape" if fire escapes had branches.

Sally's caption, "What sibling rivalry?"

Mom arrives with flower nectar.

Here is the information you need to watch the cams for yourself.

Both flap, or attempt to flap anyway.
As one can readily see, the nest is just too small to comfortably fit both chicks. It looks like this Black-chinned little hummingbird cup of a nest forces fledging by the normal species fledge date. If nothing else one or the other will just be popped out due to the crush and have to take wing.

Sally wrote, "They seem twice as big as yesterday! The nest is bulging and won't hold them much longer. Quite a shuffling act as each one moved around in the nest, they had been head by head then went head to tail position after much squirming!

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