Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Primus Branches and Guess What Secundus Does?

Is it possible that it is Secundus up in the branch, looking at me, and Primus preening in the nest? After all Nest Bird isn't staring but Primus is likely to be the first to spend time out of the nest?

Okay now we're back to normal. Secundus staring and Primus being brazen, and yes, she's obviously started to branch. When I arrived and as I set up I had my eyes on the nest as usual, when suddenly there were wings up above it. My immediate thought was that an adult had finally deigned to be seen again. But when I got the magnification set up, low and behold it was one of the eyasses.

I can't tell what Primus is doing up above Secundus as she isn't in the shot, but Secundus has his nictitating eyelid closed so something must seem a touch dangerous to him. Any bets how many times Primus has gone plop from her branch and back into the nest?
I mean, look at Primus' look down.
Oops, something has distracted Primus.
And now back on track---How about this posture?

And this? It's demon eyass.
A little preparatory wing action.
Secundus head has disappeared into the nest.
Uh oh, something out in the field perhaps?
Back to Secundus...
Getting ready for a leap?
You bet! Then a slice off the edge of the nest.
And plop-- both Primus and Secundus are in the bowl. Is that Secundus' eye peering through the twigs?
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