Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Just look at those two fluffy heads and Dad with a tasty vole in his beak.

Sorry folks, two much time in the field and not enough left for an extensive blog today, but much more on the little Ms coming soon.

By the way, the rough green monster between Dad and the kids, that the kids seem to be looking at, is actually a heavily lichened branch.

But first From Rhode Island’s Karne Anne Kolling owner of the Fox Attracting Deck--

Amazing photos at
http://derby-falco-peregrinus.blogspot.com/2009/05/tiercel-repels-intruder-0205.html of the male peregrine driving off a female intruder at Derby just about the time egg #4 was hatching. Don't forget you can see larger versions of the photos by clicking on the small ones.



Karen Anne said...

By the way, I've only seen a fox on the deck once in about the last two weeks. Maybe now that the weather is warm, they are finding prey more easily? I sure miss them.

Karen Anne said...

Well, I did just see a fox, so at least one of them is okay. Not on my deck, however, rather running along the top of my neighbors' seawall, around sixty feet away from me. The fox was soaking wet from the rain and, sigh, carrying something rather substantial in his or her mouth.

Not one squirrel has been on the deck this morning, I guess now I know why.