Friday, May 08, 2009

Computer Dive

Wowie zowie, mom has brought a black snake home for dinner. I always think of Western Red-tails as the snake eaters but here we have a midwestern mom serving up reptile. Adaptable eaters these hawks . I could tell from the ground that she was having a much harder time than usual in tearing bits off. Fresh raw snake must be decidedly tough.

Hi Folks,
My computer seems to be in the midst of a serious dive. Things are getting extremely wonky. I am putting up Part 1 of the May 4th/5th sequence of photos without commentary as I don't know how long I have before everything goes poof. You will have to scroll down below the Hawkeye and Rose post to see Part 1

Will also put up some of today's feeding photos if there is time. (Above.)You will not believe how much bigger the eyasses have gotten. (No eyass shots from yesterday as it was raining and when I dropped by the eyasses were deep in the nest with Dad hunkered down on the rim of the nest looking semi-miserable. I would have as well. It was chilly as well as wet.

Hope I don't need a new computer--that could take a good while so be fore warned. DRAT!!!!
P.S. Anyone up for taking over for awhile?

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