Thursday, May 07, 2009

CONFIRMATION! It IS Hawkeye and Rose! And They Do It Again!

Just in from intrepid contributor Pat Gonzalez--

Yesterday, Wednesday, May 7th around ten a.m, I was photographing my new friend at the library building of the NYBG when I noticed that he/she was fussing over something inside the nest.

Look at the attached photo. Is that a little head I see?

Let's zoom in...

Absolutely Pat you got a picture of an eyass. She is very young and not yet up off her haunches. The black spot is her eye. Also look at Mom's stance, that too is a hint that there is something in that nest beyond eggs.

Pat continues--
Later, I saw a gentleman taking photos through a large telephoto lens on a tripod. He said his name was Richard and that he did see at least one chick inside the nest. I asked him if he had a website and he said I should look up Fordham Hawks as he has taken lots of photos of the pair at Fordham University. I believe that this is his page.
He also said that this WAS the SAME pair. Look at the photos on his page and tell me what you think.

Please let me know if you think there is a fuzzy head in my photo or if this is just grain. Sorry for the bad quality. In order to get the close up, I had to set my camera at lower pixels.

You have the best luck. You ran into Richard Fleisher, a prof over at Fordham and one of the chief watchers of Hawkeye and Rose. If Richard says it is Hawkeye and Rose it is definitely Hawkeye and Rose.

I can't tell you how relieved I am to get the news that all is well with them. And not only that but once again they have had breeding success. They're good at this!

Donegal Browne