Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'll keep trying....


cathy hovath said...

Sadie says thank you for the crow pics. We love the circular view ! Have a great day....xoxo

Donegal Browne said...

Thank you Sadie, for liking Crows! I think they're terrific too.

You know Cathy, I'm kind of partial to the vignette view myself.

I've been noticing that now when the sentinel calls the alert when she sees me that the eating Crows have a few more bites before departing. I'm thinking that since prairie dogs call alerts that are specific, amounting to things like-- here comes a man in a green shirt with a gun, that perhaps these Crows have a special alert for me too.

Oh for the day when they decide it isn't necessary to call an alert when they spot me in the first place. I'm figuring that they'll know me personally if that happens so I don't have to worry that they'd get too used to humans and run across someone who might hurt them if they didn't flee.

Say hello to L and S for me!