Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eagle Egg, Owl, and Ivory Bird

Photograph courtesy of Friends of Blackwater EagleCam

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Blackwater Eagles

01/23/09: Egg Alert!
First egg of 2009! A clutch is usually 2-3 eggs, laid about 2-3 days apart. Incubation will be approximately 32-36 days.

Rare 'Ivory' Bird Drawing Crowds In Bay StateGull Native To Arctic

BOSTON -- Plymouth Harbor on the South Shore is no stranger to unusual visitors, the Pilgrims being the most notable, but peak season for any tourists heading to the beaches there is usually summer, not winter.

This winter, however, a rare snowbird, an arctic sea gull, has decided to make a stopover at Plymouth Harbor, to the delight of crowds of bird lovers eager to see the pure white visitor that is native to the Arctic Circle.

Owl Native To Arctic Spotted In Tenn.

Snowy Owl Seen Around Spring Hill In December
Reported by Alan Frio / 4HD Nashville News SPRING HILL, Tenn. -- The thousands of acres that surround the General Motors plant in Spring Hill have become home to a bird not native to Tennessee.

A snowy owl, which is more commonly found in Canada and polar regions, was first spotted in the area in December. Bird lovers from other states have flocked to the area with their telephoto lenses in hopes of capturing a peek at the rare site.
Local wildlife experts said the last sighting of a snowy owl in Tennessee was about 22 years ago.

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