Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cold Crow Behavior and the Blue Fuzzy That Wasn't

Occasionally the human eye and the digital camera machinations make a weird combination. Note what could be a blue fuzzy something around the snow dusted meat and bone in the center of the Goodie Stump. As it completely disappears in 6 seconds and is likely a shadow that has become "strange" in the process. In the following photographs the shadow looks like what it should be--a shadow For whatever reason at least to my eye in this one, possibly it is more convex due to the mini snow drft has collected around the raised food, the darker texture instead of appearing flat seems to have taken on a rounded more convex shape. Perhaps something about the way it has turned aqua in this photograph makes me "see" fuzzy?

Notice that Right Crow has seen me, but he's not going anywhere. It is very cold, and he needs to cadge some food. See how he has hunkered his fluffy anterior feathers over his legs in an attempt to keep some warmth?

Notice how Right Crow has shifted position, he is now closer to the food, though still keeping the fluff on his legs and seemingly intending to keep an innocuous stance. In response Left Crow is standing on the food with beak ready either for Right or the snack.

Now Left has sunk her fluff onto her legs. While her beak is down, Right is leaning in slowly. Their heads actually touch for a moment. It reminded me of how cats greet each other by touching noses.

Then Right is hiding behind Left and peering at me pointedly over Left's back. Crows are far more comfortable looking at humans when their heads are obscured in some way.
Right has decided that the birding scope is just too weird with my magnified eye looking out of it and takes off. Left has decided to ignore the whole matter and keep on eating. She still has her knees bent and her body lowered to keep the warmth of her feathers on her legs.

From the Tulsa Forum's Catbird, check it out--

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