Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wisconsin Sex Report

Fecundity. The pistils and stamens, sex organs of the Crab Apple blossom. The center is swathed with pollen.

This buck bunny, a stem of grass jauntily sticking out of his mouth, eyes a comely female across the way.

Chipping Sparrow, eating and minding her own business.

Chipping Sparrow Courtship Moves?

When suddenly another Chipper flies in and begins piteously walking near her, beak in the air, gaping, fluttering his wings rapidly a half inch from his body in an impersonation of a baby bird. She keeps pecking away at her seed. He keeps wandering around her pathetically begging, towards her, away from her, an utterly lost "baby" bird. She continues eyeing him but also continues eating. Finally she can't stand it any longer and flies at him. Abruptly he is just fine and takes off like a shot. She rouses her feathers, wiggles her tail, and hops back for a dinner in peace.

Doorstep Dove and Friend are still together.

After flushing Doorstep and Friend off the bath, this Grackle pair stop in for a drink.

And at this time of year, sometimes a cold shower is in order even for a Grackle.
Donegal Browne

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