Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Feeding with the Divines continued...

5:35pm Just sitting, feathers slightly puffed, his stance begins to remind me of the penguins in "Happy Feet".

5:36pm Suddenly an inattentive House Sparrow whips by Tristan's face nearly colliding with his beak.

5:51pm Without even a semblance of hunting, Tristan gives us the eye.

5:56 pm Tristan changes trees once again still moving east toward the stone yard shed. He looks like he's posing for a beauty shot. Not looking at all like he's hunting. Though I suppose that's part of the point. Is he just hopping trees to get away from people or is he doing the La De Da, hop to next tree...closer, La De Da nest tree closer.....La De Da, closer still...NAB! But nothing yet.The day has been dim, the air thick with moisture and as time passes it's really getting dim. Is everyone just going to go to roost without any action at all?

6:03PM Tristan has been sitting there in the trees near the stone shed for it seems like forever. All the pigeons know he's there and they're sticking to the buildings. He looks at a Robin that first scolded him, tail bobbing from the fence, and then foolishly hops down in the parking lot and begins foraging. Tristan doesn't really seem much interested. I decide to go down and see what's happening on the nest. In a few minutes Rob comes down too and we wonder if we missed the feeding and that's going to be it for the day.

6:54PM My phone rings. We've left Sam stranded up there with Tristan and I tell her she doesn't have to wait with him, come on down with us. We keep discussing whether it's worth it to stay. I've usually seen a food drop by 6:00pm for most of the previous week. Suddenly Sam rushes down the sidewalk towards us, calling "He's got a mouse, he's got a mouse!"" Rob heads for Tristan and I keep my eye on the nest.
6:56:39pm Tristan lands on the nest with the mouse.

6:56:52pm Tristan leans in and looks down, and keeps looking.

6:57:11pm Tristan stares over his right shoulder at us.

6:57:Then Tristan stares over his left shoulder

6:57:34 And then Tristan stares down into the nest some more.

6:57:53 Suddenly Tristan leans over with prey, and as later we can see where Isolde is, I'd say it was a beak to beak transfer. Though I've not seen this pair do it, Red-tails do and it always seems very trusting and intimate.

6:58:03pm Tristan than looks at us. Then he stares at the white something right nest.


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