Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Two Eyasses and Tag Team Feeding Part 1

Note the TWO eyasses. One on either side of Isolde's beak


5:44:28PM Tristan is on the nest and checks out the new arrivals. He's been feeding. See the red on his beak?

5:44:52PM He then checks out his progeny.

5:50PM Everyone accounted for; he begins to feed.

5:53:10PM Eyass One crowds in close, stretches her beak up and tugs on Dad's wing while he's feeding Eyass Two. Dad must have "said" something because she then backs off quickly.

5:53:19PM Eyass One watches Eyass Two being fed.

5:53:29 Note the crop of Eyass One. It's rounded. No one goes hungry on this nest.

5:54:13 PM Tristan turns, checks the perimeter, makes eye contact with Isolde, then flies off the nest. Eyass One watches.

5:54:22PM Watching....
5:54:31 Dad.....

5:55:41PM ...Gooooooo.
5:55:01PM Now what?
5:55:31PM Watch the people.
5:55:51PM Then...
5:56PM Watch Mom.
6:11PM Isolde on the small top roof of the Plant Pavilion shows off her brood patch in a high wind.
6:47PM Tristan on a decorative peak of the Cathedral. Just how is he holding on? By the back talon of one foot
6:48PM The camouflage is really quite good when you don't know where he is. Considering he's a feathered bird and the cathedral isn't. Tristan had to be pointed out by Rob Schmunk.
7:03PM The wind is really beginning to pick up and Isolde keeps a firm grip on her perch, the gabled roof of the cupola on top of St. Luke's. (In case you were wondering why suddenly some of the photos have taken on a green tinge at times, it's because of the wind. Wind? There are green shapes that have blown into frame that you'll know are leaves but also when a leaf has whisked in and out rapidly the photograph will have portions with a sheen of green. That's a fast leaf.)

Part 2 Next post down.

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