Saturday, May 19, 2007

Isolde Serves Dinner

4:19PM Isolde is on the nest, feeding the eyasses. She checks out what is happening behind her on the sidewalk. Satisfied that all is well she goes back to distributing dinner.

4:24PM Isolde prepares a bite and Eyass One watches.

4:25PM Eyass Two pushes in. The eyasses feed very close to each other on this nest.

4:24PM Another large chunk goes to Eyass One. Mom holds onto it as if to get her to tear bites off. One rips it out of Isolde's beak, swallows, can't get it down, continues to swallow repeatedly, stretches her neck up, and wiggles until it finally goes down. Isolde watches.

A learning experience: Some things are too big to swallow therefore they have to be reduced in size first before trying it. (Some eyasses learn this faster than others. Little, one of the 2005 Trump eyasses, had attempted to swallow a small rat that was too big to swallow at his current size. It got half way down and stuck. He stood on the nest for several minutes, his beak in the air with the bottom half of the rat on the outside and the top half down his throat. His mother, Charlotte watched as he struggled to swallow without success. He then just stood there, beak up, rat tail hanging, and waited. She gave it a minute and then finally leaned over and pulled the rat back out for him. He then immediately attempted to swallow it whole once again.)

4:27PM A last few bites and Isolde flies off the nest.

The eyasses watch her go.

4:27PM Immediately their full crops begin to get the better of them and they slowly sink down on their haunches, Two is intermittently completely out of sight. One yawns. Her head nods down. Then up it comes again looking around. Her head sinks once again.



4:30PM Asleep and sinking out of sight.
4:35PM Just the slightest margin of white fluff had gone across the nest behind the twigs from east to west and then abruptly Eyass One appears from behind the pillar. Is there any possible way that she could look more like someone who just stepped out of a UFO?

After some toddling about and possible wrestling with Two the eyasses settle down assumedly to sleep.

The seasons have cycled and it's time once again for the Feast of Spring Tree Fruit. They have collected in every gutter, every crevice, and cranny. The seed eating birds are gorging themselves.

4:49PM So that's where he's been keeping himself.

4:54PM Tristan keeps an eye on the nest, and the pigeons busily enjoying the Feast Of Spring Fruit below him, from the roof urn of The Plant Pavilion.

Donegal Browne