Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tag Team Feeding at the Divines Monday Part 2

We've just left Isolde on the Plant roof, Tristan on the decorative peak and the eyasses asleep, but suddenly there's activity.

7:06:30PM Excretion. Did you notice the two faint dard spots on the outer edges of the Eyasses tail? Nature is full of false eyes. I'd not noticed these before but when tipping over the edge of the nest the eyass bottom looks almost like a face. Possibly to make the predators think you're bigger because your face is the size of your bottom, and that you've got your eye on them.




7:08PM She finally manages to get to the rim.

7:09PM Another head pops up.


7:11:31PM There is a tremendous amount of flapping, flopping appearing and disappearing of eyass body parts, and all around mayhem up there. Do they do this so an adult will come or is the adult coming and therefore they do it.

7:11:40PM Isolde lands on the nest.

7:14PM She finishes cleaning a pigeon.

7:17PM Isolde leans down gently with a morsel in her beak.
7:23PM Isolde feeds the second while the first looks on with focus.
7:33PM She then turns from the nest, looks out, and then suddenly takes flight. Is there a visitor she feels she is best at dealing with?
7:33PM Tristan lands and takes over feeding only seconds after Isolde has left from her feeding session. A continuation of the same feeding, as she is now taking over guard duty?
7:45PM Tristan turns, eye contact with Isolde, he checks in with her again.
7:50PM He finishes feeding and glides away into the park to roost.
Isolde on the Plant chimney keeps the vigil as the light fades.
Donegal Browne

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