Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Whole Family at the Cathedral, 27 Jun 2006

Youngest preening.
But just where is what body part?
Orangey chest where one might expect her back to be, as her head it pointing in this direction. Where are her wings and what about that leg? Well...? Hmmm.

Who needs a roller coaster? Attempting to perch in the wind.

Eldest's back. Note the identifying pattern of light and dark.


Photograph by Samantha Browne-Walters
8:04pm The reason we were having such trouble finding her.

Youngest Photograph by Eleanor Tauber

( The Blog is being contrary about posting photos, therefore I was only able to get Eleanor's to go up. Will post more when the blog is amenable.)


Temperature 74 F.
Wind SSE to 17MPH
Gusts to 25MPH
Humidity 94%

Tonight's Intrepid Fledge Followers, willing to put up with poor visibility, wind, and far too much foliage: Samantha Browne-Walters, Robert Schumunk, Jean Dane, Eleanor Tauber, Liz, and I.

6:08 Sam and I arrive on Morningside Dr.
6:27pm We discover Youngest in Locust Tree in Park, E of lower path, 35 ft. north of bottom door to Overlook mobbed by Robins. (Many thanks to them.) Liz and Eleanor arrive, Liz has seen Youngest also.
6:40pm Youngest to new branch...somewhere in same tree.
6:43pm Mom flies past Youngest's tree, east to west. Youngest begs in a serious and double pitched cry then suddenly stops.
6:45pm Sam on the lower path glimpses RT from Youngest tree heading for the Cathedral. We later surmise it is Youngest and attempt to find her feeding at the Cathedral. But fail.
7:12pm We catch sight of immature RT over park, circling, then to Locust south end of park.
7:13pm Robert reports Fledge being mobbed by Robins in Locust Tree, within S Park near border midway between Morningside and Manhattan Ave.
7:15pm Jean identifies a fledgling in Locust Tree, second S from bench area in overlook nearest mid-entrance...Youngest.
7:33pm M0m to Locust in Park opposite Cathedral School, then out.
7:43pm Eldest flies to Locust tree at the edge of the park, midway between Morningside and Manhattan Ave. Robins mob. (Same tree, fledge was spotted in earlier in the evening by Robert Schmunk.)
8:05pm Two RTs spotted flying high over Cathedral.
8:07pm Jean spots Dad sitting on decoration belonging to St. James the Greater on Cathedral.
8:09pm Dad off St. James, circles above park, looks to go into Eldest's tree, but not sighted there again.
8:16pm Dad circles over park and church.
8:18pm Eldest hops to new branch, same tree. Robins are really heating up vocally.
8:22pm Fledge moves again, new branch, same tree. Tree is blowing so much, her branch swaying and bobbing, it is as if she is on a roller coaster.
8:28pm Mom flies into tree inside Cathedral grounds just north of first light pole from Morningside and 110th.
8:32pm Dad? from Cathedral, circles over Morningside Dr., then curves over corner of 110th and Morningside. Disappears behind middle "Cheese Wedge" building on the SE corner.
9:10pm Gab is illuminated tonight as well. This time he/she looks silver. Floodlit?
9:15pm After getting some take-out Banana Pudding from Miss Maimie's Spoonbread Too, which we highly recommend by the way, we exit.

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