Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday with the Divines 25 JUN 2006

Eldest with a bulging crop, in the Divine Family's favorite stance.

6:45pm Eldest sighted on the second from the north, peaked window of The Cathedral School. Dad flies in from Morningside Park and lands on the peak of the two story section of the building. Suddenly Robert Schmunk appears with his binoculars attempting to figure out who's where, as am I. Eldest flies to first, from the north, peaked window.

6:46pm Eldest on window of the Cathedral School, view from the street. She then flies to the roof of the taller section.

6:47pm First Eldest goes towards the back of the roof and then forward to the crenelated molding.

6:51pm Eldest watches mature RT go over. Note the constricted pupil. The pupil of the eye in avian species responds to "interest" in a more sensitive manner than mammalian pupils.

6:55pm Mature RT flies east from between The Cathedral School and the Cathedral chasing a Starling . Just into the park the hawk circles back towards the roof of the Cathedral. ( Susan and Mac, two on-the-job hawkwatchers discover Dad on St. Savior's Cross.)

7:00pm Eldest flies off the molding, into the park, goes into a tree, and peers at us.

7:10pm Dad still on St. Savior's cross.

7:22pm Eldest still in the same tree, swaying in the wind. Though she's obscured by leaves, the Robins are not fooled and start mobbing her.

7:32pm Eldest focuses on the closest Robin scolding her.

7:42pm Mature RT flies toward Cathedral from the Park, circles, then continues west.

7:52pm Mom discovered on the nest. That's right. I was standing on the sidewalk north of the St. Luke's parking lot looking for Youngest, when a couple came by and asked if I was watching Peregrines. I explained and pointed out St. Andrew and the sticks atop his shouldner. And as there were no hawks in immediate sight, I focused the scope on the darkened nest. Surprise, surprise. There was Mom. Impossible to see with the naked eye in the dim light.

8:00pm Dad flies from south to north over the Plant Pavilion.

8:02pm Mom keeps checking the roof of the Chapel below the nest. I'm betting Youngest is down there out of groundling sight.

8:11pm Mom focuses on something to the east and then takes off the nest. She curves back around and disappears in flight between the Cathedral and the school.

(My apologies, the light which was difficult previously for photos, is now so dim that only documentation of hawk ID and position is their only excuse for existence and even that is a maybe. D.B.)

8:17pm Mom discovered northeast corner of green net covered scaffolding on The Cathedral School.

All Photos-Donegal Browne

8:23pm A damp Eldest is still in the same tree but a lower branch. She is still being mobbed by Robins. Mom keeps an eye on Eldest from her perch on the green netted scafolding.

8:40pm Too dark, too wet. Exit.

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