Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another Divine Merry Chase, and that upside down head, 28 Jun 2006

Photograph by Donegal Browne

For the last few days the Fledge Followers would have been nowhere without the Morningside Park American Robin Contingent. The Robins hop, they scold, they scutter their wings, thank goodness. This day, a young Robin, still sporting some of his baby spots joins the fray. And we owe him and them a lot. They have stridently vocalized at the Fledglings long and hard, otherwise we'd still be out there peering into tree branches with very little to show for it.

Photograph by Robert Schmunk- link below

6:33pm In the favorite Locust Tree. Eldest kills some bark, bites pods off branches and hops on them until they are dead.

Eldest out of tree and onto roof of gable on The Cathedral School.

Youngest to opposite gable on The Cathedral School.

7:06pm Just what happens next?

And why is this fledglings head on upside down? Tune in tomorrow for John Blakeman's explanation. And a question from Robert Schmunk.

Note the head cruising over.

Both focus and up.

7:29pm The ever observant parent on Gabriel.

7:34pm On the roof of The Cathedral Church near the green scaffolding netting.

7:37pm A parent flies over. Eldest is back to the favorite Locust Tree on the east side of Morningside Drive.

8:20pm Though night is fast falling Young Robin is still on the job, learning from the other Robins just how to handle a Red-tail in a tree.

And the promised link for more of Robert Schmunk's photos...

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