Saturday, June 03, 2006

WAITING FOR THE STORM, with The Divines 01 June 06

Divine Dad the Contented, in his signature stance,
sits on the green roof of the Plant Pavilion.
Alert, yet at his ease, surveying his domain no
matter the weather.

Though I hadn't planned to visit the Divine Hawks
in the afternoon because of the forecast for thunderstorms,
at the last moment I decided that as the weather was
still holding, I'd head up anyway.

The weatherman has been known to be wrong after all.

(Translation: I can't stay away. )

A very feisty eyass appears. She hops, she chews
twigs, she won't let anyone else up next to her, then
she goes after her sibling behind the pillar.

There is pleasure in bugging one's sibling.

Suddenly the light begins to fade and all eyes
watch the clouds.

Baby talons gripped.

Youngest Divine watches as Mom
flies over and the wind freshens.

Divine Mom flies to Gabriel as the green light
rushes closer.

We pack our gear and make a run for it. Arriving at the subway
stairs just as a bolt of lightening illuminates Cathedral Hill.

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Eleanor said...

Love your comments! And LOVED that photo of the eyass looking up!

Getting much pleasure from your blog, Donna!