Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hawk Action at the Cathedral 30 MAY 06

Bigger and more colorful everyday.

Dad on pinnacle being menaced by gargoyle.

And why are they called gargoyles? They are actually rain
spouts and when the water runs through them it can sound
like they are gargling.
(No, I didn't make that up. Someone else may have, but I didn't. )


Today was all about parental tag team, hunting, feeding, and guarding. The Divine Hawkwatchers included Clare, Stella, Sylvia, Sally, Jean, three St. Luke's employees, the gentleman who guards the parking lot, a surgeon, a little boy who just had stitches in his forehead, and Captain the Dog's mother. He wore a lovely yellow neckerchief.

4:20 Walking from the subway, just as I get to
the top of Morningside
Hill, I look back and see a Red-tail go in and
land on the building, SE corner from the top of
Central Park. He's on the third perpendicular
from the left. The sun comes out from under
a cloud and the bird's breast has that Pale
Male light reflection thing going.
It's Divine Dad.

4:37 Largest eyass is visible

4:55 Dad on Gabriel's Trumpet. He's actually got his
left leg tucked up this time, instead of his more usual
right. It's so windy he's partially sideways but keeps that
comfy stance. Very cool, secure bird.
4:57 Dad up, flies east to north.
5:34 Mom appears and goes to green finial.
5:41 Mom does two slow soaring circles near,
and just above nest.

Eyass watches Mom and begs. Note beak.

5:42 Mom comes into nest.
5:49 Mom off toward park and then returns.
5:54 Mom off toward E., Morningside Park.
5:56 Eldest eyass begins eating something in nest.
Second eyass joins her.
6:17 Dad perches on closest green finial to nest.
6:23 Mature Red-tail flies E to W beyond nest.

6:27 All eyasses down, just two partial heads revealed over edge of nest.
6:30 Mom goes from south to north towards roof of St. Luke' s hospital and out of our sight. Jean D. tracks her to the mini double pinnacled green roof on that building.
6:35 Dad to nest and off, drops off rodent. Eyasses move out of view.
6:45 Mom sits on right wing of Gabriel.
6:47 Off Gabriel's wing to nest than back to trumpet. Another drop off? The eyasses are eating something.
6:49 Dad flies into tree adjacent and NE of nest.
6:55 Mom is up, flies east toward Morningside Park.
7:11 Eldest hops and flaps with gusto.
7:13 Mom chases a Blue Jay out of the area and then stands nearby on cathedral, nearly on same level, west of the nest.

Mom, where we left her on our exit, standing
on the feature just to the west of the nest.
She's chosen to stand inside it
rather than perching on the edge.
A fashion statement? A talon disquise?
(No, I'm not serious.)


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