Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another Divine Day With The Cathedral Hawks

Bela Lugosi Red-tail and his baby brother.

(No, in reality I don't know the sex of the eyasses.)

Flapping behavior has increased exponentially. Soon we'll see true hopping and flapping.

The changes in an eyass from one day to the next are truly striking.

Peek a boo!

Making room.

Sometimes it's more than their hip bones that gives one a glimpse of the relationship between birds and their ancestors the dinosaurs.

Both parents were observed sitting on adjacent pinnacles at the same time above the nest. Though my observations of this pair are currently more limited than observations of the Trump Parc pair at this phase in the breeding cycle, the Divine Hawks seem to spend more time perched in closer association with each other than Junior and Charlotte did when their eyasses were this age. Perhaps this is a product of the available perchs or is it different styles?

Dad stayed put several times today. Here he is perched on a decorative pinnacle on the roof above the nest while Mom was out. She later appeared again and perched on "Gabriel", up and west of the nest, with prey, a mature Spread Morph Pigeon.
Note the female's heavier breast pigmentation when compared to the male's.

Early this morning I received a call from a very excited Norman Tatsui, a new hawkwatcher from the Divine Hawk's neighborhood, who said he'd just seen at least three eyasses in the nest. See the post of 23 May 06, THE DIVINE RED-TAILS Part 2, for photos of Mom in three feeding positions and hence possibly three eyasses.

And when I just reviewed my photos of that day, I realized that Mom could be construed to be in a possible FOURTH feeding position during the meal.
That would be pushing it, wouldn't it?


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