Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mrs. Bunny Takes A Powder

39 degrees and overcast today and I couldn't find Bunny.  Well, the neighbor kids, the newest members of  the Pale Male Irregulars, though in this case they might well be called the Bunny Irregulars found her.  She was on the completely other side of the house by the Nanny Berry Bushes.  I had not been on that side of the house to look as I didn't think there would be a view of where I think her den is.

Rule One....never assume.

Rule Two....there is no substitute for feet on the ground finicky field work.

But yes indeed there was a limited view of the wood pile from her Nanny Berry spot.

Oh, and sorry there is  no raptor news today.   The tail pipe fell off  my car and  GOSH,  there just aren't any subways around here.  There were sparks coming out from under the car so I figured some car repair was in order before I set myself on fire.

Alternate transportation is available for tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed.  

Happy Rodentia!
Donegal Browne

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