Monday, April 25, 2016

It's Spring and Everything Is A'Poping--Chickadee Nest Continued, The Case of the Strange Rabbit , the Interrupted Sparrow Dance

When last we saw the Chickadee pair, one had inserted himself sideways into the cavity entrance, legs akimbo, and appeared to be working his way in while doing something.
 Then Chickadee who appears to be upside down with his tail sticking out...
Suddenly went POOF, he disappeared from sight. 
 Not sure what part of the anatomy that is, but part of a Chickadee appears inside the cavity.
 Chickadee bombs out.  (I know, I know, it looks bizarre. You are just going to have to trust me on this one.)
 Second Chickadee immediately shows up and she checks out the interior.
 The she pops into the cavity and before long...

She bombs back out again.
 Other Chickadee shows up, sticks head into hole.
And then pops into the hole.

Then I get distracted.

I look up.... What is that?

To be continued...

Donegal Browne

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