Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Pigeons at the World's Largest Culver's, Cedar Waxwings, and a Sleepy Robin

Here is a very tall Mobil sign, an eye catcher for all the nearby highways with pigeons on the top.
Just down the hill there is an apple sign, for the Big Apple Restaurant, with pigeons on the top.
 And triangulating with the previous two, see a tall Culver's sign, connected to, yes folks, the largest Culver's in the world, also with pigeons on top of that sign as well.

Now I'm supposed to be inside the Culver's taking pictures during a meeting of an antique tractor club.  No I'm not shirking.  I took  the pictures but then.... many pictures can you take of this?  (Don't worry I took pix with the windows at my back so you could actually see the people but after awhile....on a supposed trip to the ladies room, I ducked out the front door because I've been wanting to knew for months what the birds on the signs were up's mid afternoon??? Besides the birds had to be doing something ever so much more interesting  than above.

And they were.  On the Mobil sign a pair of pigeons were copulating.  Not that I think that would be appropriate for the humans in the meeting but you catch my drift.

In fact on another day, I had noted that the pigeons on one sign would fly by twos or threes to other signs.  Visiting?  What?

I wanted to know.

 A few pigeons have taken to their wings from the Mobil sign...

And are going over to visit the pigeons on the giant apple.
2:33PM Perhaps some of the pigeons on the right are puffed up and napping?  Come to think of it, how is that pigeon managing to perch on the the tip of that leaf?  Drat.   Time for me to head back to the meeting before I'm missed.
I slip back in.
2:47PM  Then 12 minutes later I look out the window and see what?  Cedar Waxwings eating... tiny crab apples maybe?
I head for the door again.
The Waxwings appear to be having a grand time.

Look at how many have a fruit in their mouths.  They are eating as fast as they possibly can.
Then some of them notice me.
And some don't.  Great view of the rear of the species in the top right corner.  Note the yellow tip of the tail.

The side view.

And all this is going on right next to the drive-thru...and no one notices.  I go back to check on the meeting. 
They are currently discussing  a display of construction equipment and earth moving equipment.  A segment of people who have a tendency to get drunk and push down trees for fun if they aren't watched every second.  
Don't get me started. 
I leave by another door.
There's a Robin resting in a small tree.  Likely some kind of ornamental.
 He gives me a look.
And as I am much further away than this appears, he rests his beak on a twig, closes his eyes and appears to catch a nap.
I slip back in to finish my job.

Happy Hawking!
Donegal Browne

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